A Very Merry Holiday Tea Party


Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel hosts afternoon tea service on the weekends (Friday to Sunday) from 12-3 pm. I’ve been eyeing it out for about a year, and I finally got around to it this weekend! I was actually hoping to get reservations for their very popular Halloween Tea Service, but it booked up quickly and I didn’t get in. BUT I suspected they would have a Christmas service as well, and booked a reservation in December just in case. And sure enough…. they were also having a Very Merry Holiday Tea Party in December!

I was excited to share this experience with my daughter, sister, and mom during this girls-only excursion. It’s not something we got to do often! We made it extra special by dressing up and letting my little princess wear a tiara. She was a little apprehensive – especially since I told her she would need to use her very best manners – but she did really well! I guess all those pretend tea parties at home with her dolls was good practice!


If you are local and driving to the Hotel just for the party, you can use the self-park area of the Disneyland Hotel. Take the parking ticket in with you and get it validated at the restaurant for 3 hours of free parking. The Steakhouse 55 restaurant is located at the back of the Hotel near the convention hall and right next to Goofy’s Kitchen. It is a very nice restaurant with an old Hollywood vibe and lots of clean lines in rich materials in the dining room. Linens and full place settings on every table. It was upscale but in a comfortable, non-intimidating way. I loved that they played Christmas music in the background, too.

At this point, I’d like to apologize for the lack of good pictures. I was really enjoying my time and keeping an eye on a four-year-old at the same time, so my picture taking took a back seat. Oops.

There are 3 types of tea parties you can choose from: the classic tea party ($50/person), the premium tea party ($65/person), or the kid’s tea party ($35/person). Each tea party comes with scones, tea sandwiches, dessert, and your choice of tea. The premium tea party also includes sparkling wine, salad, and a small box of chocolate truffles. Kids can have regular milk or hot chocolate instead of tea, and they get more kid-friendly sandwiches….peanut butter & jelly, ham & cheese, and cucumber.

If you are not familiar with traditional tea service – or tea, for that matter – then have no fear. The wait staff is excellent and explain everything as it comes out. They are very knowledgeable and will give you great recommendations. Which was awesome, because the last time I had a proper tea service was in England… in 2004. I was pretty rusty, haha!


They start by taking your tea order. Each seasonal holiday party has a set of special teas for the occasion. For this party, that would be the gingerbread or mulled spice tea. You can get iced tea if you’re not a fan of hot tea, but our host said that not all teas can be iced (since the cold temperature will dull the taste too much). Just tell him/her which tea you’re looking at and they’ll tell you if it’s available iced. She decided on the enchanted fruit iced tea, mom had the gingerbread tea, I had the mulled spice, and princess had hot cocoa with a side of whipped cream. You are also given a plate with honey, lemon, and cream to add to your tea as you pleased. Ask your host if you’re not sure what goes with what tea.

The teas we chose were delicious and full of flavor…. Except for the mulled spice. It was billed as “Christmas in a Cup” but I found the taste to be much too mild. Kinda like it wasn’t brewed long enough. Our host said it was a favorite of the guests, so maybe I just got a weak batch? I chose the rosy fig tea for my second serving it that was wonderful. Rose and fig go so well together, go figure! My daughter was thrilled to receive a bowl of whipped cream topped with sprinkles to add to her hot cocoa as she pleased. I think that bit of freedom must have made her feel like real lady since she was oh so careful about adding and stirring it into her cocoa.

The food arrives all at once on a tiered serving tray. Scones on the top, sandwiches in the middle, and desserts on the bottom. Start from the top and work your way down! You are also given a plate with Devonshire cream, lemon curd, and raspberry jam for the scones. The scones were soooo good. Adult tea parties come with a cranberry and a chocolate chip scone, but kids parties comes with one mickey shaped chocolate chip scone. Our host recommended cream only for the cranberry scone, and everything on the chocolate chip scone. They were light and warm and OMG I wanted to eat all the Devonshire cream by itself. But my sister beat me to it. Jerk.



The tea sandwiches are bite sized and Christmas themed. The cucumber sandwich is shaped like Christmas tree, and the caprese sandwich uses pesto to make it look like a wreath. We also received an egg salad and a smoked trout sandwich. I’m not a big trout fan but that was – by far – the best one. It was SO good, and I really wished I could’ve had about four more of them! My daughter received a snowman shaped ham & cheese sandwich, a candy cane shaped cucumber sandwich, and a mickey shaped peanut butter sandwich with a raspberry jam Santa hat. Very cute! She devoured the snowman!


For dessert each person got a tiny chocolate cake, a gingerbread man, and a chocolate covered strawberry. The strawberry was delicious, but the gingerbread man was my favorite. He was soft, warm, and slightly chewy…. And went perfectly with my tea. By the time I was done with him, I was too full to try the chocolate cake. Princess said it was yummy though, and I believe her!

Overall, I had a wonderful experience here and would love to go again! Our host, Jonathan, was fantastic and made us feel right at home. The food was great and filled us up without making us feel gross. The ambiance was fancy, but comfortable. I’ll note here that only half the parties in the dining room were dressed up like we were. The other half was dressed super casual, and I assume it was because they were heading to the parks afterwards. It looked a little odd, but did not detract from our experience. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

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