Hi, I’m Jen. I work full-time as a graphic designer for a wonderful small company, and I’m excited to start branching out with some work of my own! All the graphics you see on this site were done by me in my spare time.

My husband and I live in Southern California with our two children, which gives us plenty of opportunities for big and small adventures. Over the years I’ve spent what little alone time I’ve had creating digital scrapbooks of our adventures, and then having them printed in hard cover. It’s kinda nerdy, I know. I’m sentimental beneath this salty exterior, and I really enjoy reliving those memories with my children as we flip through those books. Now that my kids are old enough to entertain themselves, I have more time to expand on my scrapbooking art and maybe make some money on the side doing it!

My hope for this site is to not only get my art out there, but to share the many ideas I have with fellow crafts people. I work with Photoshop and Illustrator on a daily basis, so I’d also love to squeeze in some tutorials as well! Just please bear with me as I find my balance between family, work, and this new side hustle … like many of you, I may have more ideas than time!

Thanks for joining me on my next great adventure!


Why “Battleaxe?”

Some trivia regarding my site name: I had a professor in college who made everyone in class come up with a nickname for themselves, and then would only allow us to be called by that name. My boyfriend (now husband) used to joke around and call me his “trusty battleaxe.” So that’s what I went with. It stuck with me through college and then onto the internet where I used it as a screen name. I have no reason to stop using it now!